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Hello and welcome to I Want My Piano Lessons, Great Neck NY
Piano teacher Great NeckMy name is Ira Baslow. I am a Great Neck piano teacher and resident and have provided private in home piano lessons for 30 years in Great Neck and the vicinity.
I am a classically trained pianist who later wanted to learn how to play songs by The Beatles (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band had just come out at the time) and then self-taught myself to play Rock piano, Blues piano and Popular piano.
I was a Queens College music major and also completed an accelerated course at the New School in lower Manhattan on Music Theory and Harmony (a really fantastic course!)
piano lessons Great Neck
I later formed a band and played my original pop songs throughout the NYC music circuit during the mid seventies. I also performed solo (piano and vocal) in various venues in the city.
I started teaching piano lessons when I was 16 and still to this day (a lot of days have passed) get tremendous satisfaction when a piano student's eyes light up when they start playing the piano and a song they have always wanted to learn and then go on to tell me how amazed their friends were when they played the piano!
Also knowing that they have learned a solid foundation in playing the piano makes me immensely happy!
piano lessons Great Neck
So why not have yourself or child (or both) experience the joy of playing the piano and book your Free No-Obligation Piano Lesson (Great Neck and vicinity) today!
Call me @ 516.312.1054
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